Amazing dumpling recipes Vol. 1

Do you like dumplings?  I DO ! My son DOES ! My husband DOES! We all DO! As a result, I have a lot of dumpling recipes to share.They are easy to make but..they take a bit of time if you make them by yourself…so try making them with your family or friends. This way it can be a fun family  activity for a rainy day OR you can have a  dumpling party with your friends. Homemade dumplings are definitely much better than frozen ones. Yum yum yum.



Traditional Gyoza recipe↓↓

This is a recipe for traditional Japanese gyoza. There is also a tip on how to freeze the leftovers.

20130530_3cce4dChicken Prawn Gyoza Recipe ↓↓

This is a Chicken and Prawn Gyoza Recipe using Citrus & Soya Dressing. They have a light and fresh taste because of the citrus flavour. It’s best to make a lot at once so you can freeze the leftovers. It’s good to stock up your freezer with some pre-cooked gyoza for these rainy winter days.

steamed-stuffed-bun-1162751_960_720Steamed beef/pork buns (Nikuman)recipe ↓↓

This is our son’s favorite dumplings!

DSC_0011.JPGShumai (steamed dumplings) Recipe↓↓

Some dumplings are deep fried and thus quite oily. These dumplings are steamed…a much healthier (and tastier) alternative. Oh, and don’t forget to eat the steamed lettuce with the dumplings. Steamed lettuce tastes delicious.


Australian Style Fried Dim Sims Recipe ↓↓

Our son loves eating fried dim sims at markets. Until I moved to Australia, I had actually never seen this kind of fried dim sim in Japan or any other Asian countries . A customer at a market told me that they are unique to Australia.
Our son likes them so much so that I couldn’t resist making them at home.

Enjoy your homemade dumplings.

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