Unique Tokyo food experience -go street food! Vol 1 – Joyful Minowa

We have just come back from holidays in  Japan. We went to Tokyo for a week and then we went to Hokkaido.
I am from Hokkaido and I’ve been to Tokyo on many business trips but I’d never really done much sight seeing there before.
Because of our son’s (who is 9 years old and LOVES food) repeated requests, we decided to go to several street food places in Tokyo.
So, on our very  first day we went to  Joyful Minowa. It is very local market place and EVERYTHING is amazingly cheap!!!
Yakitori, tsukune etc etc  were all around $1.50 each.


…and so many things to choose from! This is just one of the shops.


Yakisoba – 100 yen ($1.30)!!! They also were selling obento boxes (lunch box sets) for $3 each.


Look at our son, he was in street food paradise!!!!!!


A homemade pickle (tsukemono) shop


Japanese corrokets & cutlets – OMG! the prices started from just 40c!!


I didn’t see any tourists in Joyful Minowa. The prices were much cheaper as well. If you want to have a unique foodie experience in Tokyo, I totally recommend going there. Oh…you better take your dictionary – very little English is spoken there.

Sadly in Japan, many local market places like these are closing down now. I much much prefer shopping at these kinds of places rather than shopping centres. Here in Australia, I do market work so I do as much shopping  as possible at markets.

I hope  Joyful Minowa will last for a long long time.


How to get to Joyful Minowa shopping mall

Take the Toden Arakawa line to Minowabashi Station – 30 second walk or…

Take the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Minowa Station – 6 minute walk

address :

The Toden Arakawa Line is a little street car line.  Riding on this local street car is a really fun thing to do.


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