Thai Street Food “Tokyo Crepe” healthier recipe – gluten free snack

One of my favorite street sweets in Thailand is ” Tokyo Crepes”. I don’t know why they are called “Tokyo” because they are totally different from Japanese crepes. The crepes are quite crunchy and have cream inside.


(the picture is taken in Bangkok, somewhere on the street)

You can find them on the street in Thailand and we ate a lot of them while we were traveling. Whenever I eat new food and if I like it, I MUST try making/cooking it at home. So now I am back in Melbourne, I made them at my home.

When I make them myself, I can make them so much healthier. See the colour of the green ones from Thailand…↑↑ They are green tea cream, but obviously contain fake colouring in them.

I used my organic Matcha tea powder instead↓↓ Also, I made them with much less sugar  and 100% gluten free.


Thai Street Food “Tokyo Crepe” healthier recipe

ingredients to make 6

for the dough

*100g rice flour

*50 mung bean flour ( green bean flour – you can find it in Asian grocers)

*1 egg

*50g brown sugar

*125ml water

*butter or light olive oil – just enough to pan fry

for matcha custard

*1 egg

*2 tbsp rice flour

* 3 tbsp brown sugar

*200ml milk

*1tbsp SAORI Organic Matcha Powder

Thai Street Food “Tokyo Crepe” healthier recipe

1: to make matcha green tea custard cream, combine egg, rice flour, brown sugar, milk and SAORI Organic Matcha Powder in a large bowl and mix it well


2: cook it in a frying pan over high heat until it starts to thicken then lower the heat.

3: mix until it becomes custard cream


4: To make crepe dough, combine rice flour, mung bean flour, brown sugar, egg and water in a large bowl and mix well.

5: oil/butter frying pan and then pour a ladle full of mixture and spread thinly in frying pan


( sorry… it looks really yellow with my kitchen light on)

6: cook it until crunchy

7: put matcha custard cream in the middle then roll


YUMMMMMY~!!! I will add this to my snack recipes.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. celine says:

    One of my colleague once made me eat crepe, ever since then I admire them. The crepe taste better thin and crispy or slightly thick just like omelet.


    1. Thin and crispy taste better!!


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