Vietnamese style tofu with tomato sauce (vegan ) recipe

I think my favorite dish in Vietnam from this trip was this. Vietnamese fried tofu with tomato sauce (Dau Sot Ca Chua) ↓↓


(this picture was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam)

Recently, I bought a tofu from a supermarket. ( I normally only buy tofu from Asian grocers)  The tofu wasn’t really nice. It was quite hard and didn’t have much taste… so I decided to try making this dish to make the tofu tasty.

In Vietnam, the tofu was deep fried and was flavoured with fish sauce with tomatoes. I used SAORI Tsuyu ( Seaweed & Soya ) sauce  instead and didn’t deep fried the tofu.  Another healthier version recipe was created. Yum ↓↓↓

Vietnamese style tofu with tomato sauce (vegan ) recipe


(↑SAORI’s dinner at home)


*1 firm tofu – cubed approx 2 cm

*3 tbsp olive oil

*2 knob of garlic – finely chopped

*Thai basil or regular basil – a few leaves finely chopped

*2 tomatoes – crushed OR I used a few cherry tomatoes and 2 tbsp tomato paste instead because tomatoes don’t taste very nice in winter time

*2 tbsp SAORI Tsuyu Sauce

Vietnamese style tofu with tomato sauce (vegan ) recipe (Dau Sot Ca Chua)

1: cook garlic in olive oil for a few minutes then add tofu. Stir-fry tofu. Make sure the tofu is coated with oil and cook until golden. Normally, the tofu is deep fried but instead. you can use 3 tbsp olive oil and pan fry.

2: add tomato &/or tomato paste. simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. then add basil


3: flavour with SAORI Tsuyu Sauce

My husband told me that this was MUCH BETTER than the one he ate in Vietnam. Delicious.


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  1. Andreya says:

    It’s looking so delicious. Thanks for sharing the post 🙂


    1. Thank you for the comment. I really really like this dish.


  2. yuuum……. so delicious.


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