How do some food makers maximize profits?? – I have my own special ways

I watched a one hour food documentary “” (Netflix Rotten Series) the other day .  It was about how “pure honey” can be actually not pure at all. The number of bees are decreasing but honey consumption is increasing. The amount of sold “pure honey” is way more than the honey bees can produce.  Then what’s happening??  China is exporting corn syrup mixed with honey and selling it as pure honey!!

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I found another sad news article in a Japanese news article. It said 10 or more Italian extra virgin olive oils were NOT extra virgin olive oils. 85.000 tons of  oil had super toxic copper sulfate added to them to make it look like extra virgin olive oil….

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Both honey & extra virgin olive oil are known as healthy foods but sadly some companies are making fake versions to maximize their profits. This is quite upsetting and scary.

Lucky us, there are beautiful farmers markets in Australia and we can buy products directly from the producers/makers. I always buy honey and olive oil at the markets.

So…what I do to reduce my costs as a natural food producer/small business owner???



The boxes for our sauces are taped up vegetable boxes. Some of them are 5 years old. They are re-used until they fall apart. Yes, they are not beautiful. They are not custom made and they don’t have a printed logo on them. BUT…they are well used/loved and are helping to save the environment at the same time.

For my internet orders…


I only use recycled boxes and bubble wrap so sometimes your package might look a bit on the rough side.


I will never use cheap, lower grade ingredients for my products!!! EVER!

Thank you for reading.

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SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce : based in Victoria Australia, 100%  Natural authentic Japanese sauces & spices. All suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



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