How to find MSG free restaurants in Japan


I am normally a health freak when it comes to everyday food. I grow as much as possible…organically (I even make soil!) or I get fresh produce from markets. I hardly eat out or get take away food…I’d say probably 3-4 times a year. All the condiments in my cupboards are my handmade products (jam made from my tree fruits etc). The only pre- made cooking sauces are SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce…(they are also hand made by me!). I also bake etc, etc…too much to talk about here.


(↑My homemade plum wine from home grown plums)

When I travel to other countries, it’s a different story. I don’t worry too much about food additives or preservatives because its sometimes too difficult to find natural food. So I just enjoy it. And then when I come back, I eat only natural food again to detox myself.


(↑ I ate “smoke monsters” -sweets with liquid nitrogen in Bangkok )


(↑I also cook when I travel .. see Saori’s travel food in Vietnam – 01 Cooking in Hoi An)

Going back to Japan is little different from traveling overseas. It is my home country so I am again a health freak when I visit there. The first thing I did when I visited Tokyo two years ago was to buy real fermented soy sauce & homemade miso paste.

Anyway, some customers have asked me how to find MSG free restaurants in Japan. SO,  I thought other Aussies would love to know about them as well.

You can use the Tabelog site. I checked the keywords in Japanese –  mutenka(無添加)& shizensyoku(自然食)(which basically mean additive free) and they came out as “Natural food” and  “Medicinal Food” in the English site. Here are the additive free (some of them are also organic) restaurants in Tokyo.

↓↓ ( click here to go to the site) tabelog.jpgThe moon mark is the average price per person for dinner and the sun mark is for lunch.

They tend to be more expensive than your average restaurants BUT you can really taste the difference.

I am a member of the Japanese health food freaks facebook community (it’s all in Japanese so you need to be fluent in Japanese to join) so I got them to compile a list of  natural restaurants for me in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Wooohooo…lots more information will be coming your way after I put it all together.

Thank you for reading.

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You want to eat healthy additive free Japanese dishes at home?? Check these recipes ↓↓

SAORI’s recipes from my blog

SAORI’s recipes from my website

About SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce : based in Victoria Australia, 100%  Natural authentic Japanese sauces & spices. All suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



Saori Sauce













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