Two cheap chain restaurants in Japan with no MSG

I have previously written about “how to find MSG free restaurants in Japan” but sometimes you are not close to these restaurants or you might not be in of the main big cities like Tokyo or Osaka.  So, today  I will tell you about two cheap  Japanese restaurant chains in Japan.

1: Matsyuya ( Gyudon – beef bowl restaurant)


Not all of their dishes are MSG free but you can choose MSG meals. There are over 1000 Matsuya restaurants in Japan and the price of their meals are amazingly cheap. For example, MSG free small beef bowl (Gyudon) is only 330 yen which is under AU$4! It is great for a quick lunch  (don’t expect space to relax though)

Look for this sign on the menu↓This means MSG free, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colours and no preservatives.

MSG free

This is the part of their menu with the mark (bottom right) – which means MSG free.

matsyuya menu.jpg

2: Ootoya-Japanese restaurant (click here for →English homepage site)

There are 348 Ootoya restaurants in Japan. They mainly serve Japanese home style  dishes.  Most of their dishes are around AU$10 for a set menu. Everything on the menu is MSG free with no artificial colours.

ootoya menu.jpg

Enjoy MSG free meals in Japan!

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Japanese restaurant blog is nice.. thanks for sharing information


    1. No problem. Information in Japan is still almost all in Japanese and so many people ask me about Japan so I thought I should share.


  2. Tim says:

    Matsuya is my favourite! Much better value than conbini. I’ll check out Ootoya the next time I visit Japan.


    1. Combini’s obento boxes are not really healthy things. preservatives are sprayed and etc…


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