Important ingredients for your back pain

I have mild scoliosis and I used to suffer from back pain. When I moved to Australia 7 years ago, it became much worse. It even started affecting my daily life. So, I decided to go to a local doctor. My doctor checked my blood and told me…


” Your vitamin D level is really low. It is probably the reason for your back pain”


I had never thought about it. In the year I moved here, I moved to winter from winter. So, I had 12 months of winter. I didn’t have summer at all. He recommended taking vitamin D. I bought a vitamin D supplement and started taking it straight away.

and a few hours later…

????? I think my pain is much less!!!!

Even just sitting down on the couch was quite uncomfortable but after taking the vitamin D the pain was about 50% gone in a few hours. I continued to take vitamin D for a month and my back pain was almost gone. ( I would say about 90%!)

Our body produces enough vitamin D from sunshine in the summer time. In winter time, we need to be exposed to sunshine for over 1 hour a day ( if it is sunny day, if it is cloudy you need double time) . To do so was kind of too difficult and I didn’t want to depend on supplements all the time so I did more research about it to find out where you can get vitamin D from food. The recommended daily amount for adults (18-70 years old) is 5.5㎍.

Here are some ingredients that are high in vitamin D



– salmon(39.4μg/100g)




– shimeji mushrooms (4μg/100g)

-shiitake mushrooms (3μg/100g)

Regular mushrooms contain (0.15μg/100g) so Asian mushrooms contains much more.

When I start to get back pain in winter time, I eat more mushrooms and fish. It seems be working for me. I hope this helps you as well!

Check recipes containing vitamin D ↓↓

sashimi salmon marinade

butter teriyaki salmon

tuna steak with wasabi sauce

tofu & shimeji mushroom Japanese salad

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