Japanese grapefruit salad recipe

My grapefruits trees are producing a lot of fruit so I’ve been eating lots of grapefruits. Our son takes a half of grapefruit to school every day for his morning snack. I love eating them as is or I sometimes make grapefruit tarts.



One grapefurit contains enough vitamin C for a day but a lot of people tell me ” I don’t know what to do with my grapefruits”. So,  I am sharing one of my favourite salad recipes. Ponzu sauce goes extremely well with grapefruits. Enjoy this refreshing fresh flavour!


Japanese grapefruit salad recipe


1 lettuce – broken

10 cherry tomatos- halved

1 big grapefurit or 2 small grapefruits

SAORI Ponzu ( Citrus & Soya Japanese Sauce) – just enough to drizzle on as a salad dressing


1: Peel and section grapefruit

2: place lettuce & cherry tomatoes in a salad bowl then top with grape fruit.

3: drizzle on SAORI Ponzu Sauce

BTW…I conducted a cooking class at String + Salt in Warragul last week.

14 people tried this recipe AND 14 people loved it. Woohoo!

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  1. megan says:

    I like salads very much especially fruits salads. this Japanese grape fruit salad recipe is very nice and easy to prepare… i will prepare this for tonight….
    Thanks for this salad recipe…


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