How to use SAORI Dashi Shio


I created SAORI Dashi Shio last Wednesday. Since then I’ve been putting it on EVERY meal I’ve cooked.

I added it to a stir-fry. After flavouring the stir- fry (I used my Tsyuyu Sauce for this), add 1-2 tsp SAORI Dashi Shio for one family serving. Yum!


I sprinkled it on fried rice. I make great fried rice but when I sprinkled on some SAORI Dashi Shio…I couldn’t believe how much better it tasted! (Our son agreed)


I even sprinkled it on my butter toast!


Last night I tried my Karaage chicken balls with my three seasonings…


and…. SAORI Dashi Shio won the competition. Chicken Karaage tasted the best with Dashi Shio!! Believe me, my Yuzu Spice and Wasabi Shio taste so good as well so I was shocked. Dashi Shio tasted even better.

I tried it on steamed vegetables. I put a sprinkle on top but it didn’t really work. You need Yuzu Spice or Wasabi Shio for steamed vegies. Oh well…now I know.

SAORI Dashi Shio is like a flavour enhancer so you don’t really taste it. You feel the difference. For example, when I had butter toast I felt …” Where did my husband get this bread?”, “Is this a different brand of butter?”. It just tasted BETTER!

If you are using it for the first time, I recommend tasting your cooked meals ( it doesn’t have to be a Japanese dish) and then sprinkle on SAORI Dashi Shio and then taste the difference.

I almost forgot. Use it on pasta dishes!

SAORI Dashi Shio – Give your meals a 100% UMAMI flavour boost and a natural vitamins/minerals shot. Taste the difference. Feel the difference.


SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce –  I make 100% natural Japanese cooking sauces and seasonings so EVERYBODY can eat healthy & delicious Japanese meals at home any time they like.  Based in Melbourne, Australia, 100% natural and vegan friendly.

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SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce


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