Christmas holiday time = cooking mara thon time (for me)

Happy new year!! Did you have great Christmas holidays? Me?? I’ve had some serious cooking time during the Christmas holidays.

We went to Orange, NSW to visit my brother/sister- in law for Christmas. It has become a tradition to have a Japanese dinner on boxing day.  I ended up feeding 17 people.

So… our son and niece had no other choice but to help me. Their job was to make dumplings.  My sister- in laws also helped me.


They turned out to be beautiful dumplings ↓↓


They are actually much easier to make than making gyoza dumplings. You can check the recipe from here → Easy fried dumpling recipe

And…this was our boxing day special Japanese dinner↓↓


You can check other recipes from here↓↓ (They are vegan friendry recipes)


Then as soon as we came back from NSW, I conducted two private cooking classes & two group cooking classes. (Thank you for taking my cooking classes!)

Also, we had an end of year party at my house. My husband kept casually inviting more and more people AND 30 plus people ended up coming!!! (sorry, no pictures…I was too busy cooking etc)

Wow WOw WOW! I really had a busy cooking marathon time. I ate (and fed) great meals during the holidays. I LOVED it!

You can check the schedules for my Japanese cooking classes from here ↓↓

SAORI Premium Japanese group cooking class in Upwey

Healhy easy AND delicious Japanese recipes  ↓↓

Japanese Recipes

Thank you for reading my blog.

SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce – based in Melbourne, Australia


You can check delicious Japanese recipes from here ↓↓

SAORI’s recipes from my blog

SAORI’s recipes from my website

Saori Sauce



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