About Saori

Thank you for visiting my blog page. I am SAORI. I moved to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne in 2011 with my Aussie husband and our son.

When I moved to Australia, I was so happy to find such a wide range of food and ingredients here. Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, African…WOW so many choice to choose from!!I LOVE eating and I LOVE cooking. What a wonderful country I moved to.

However, I could not find quality Japanese cooking sauces … so I started making them. Japanese food is one of healthiest foods in the world and…Japanese food is YUMMY!

As a result, I started SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce ( http://www.saorijapanesesauce.com.au/) as a business in December 2012. When I first started many of my friends said, “You should  Australianise the flavours a bit” because my sauces were not thick or sweet. I couldn’t do it. I wanted to keep them
healthy with their distinctive traditional flavours. I don’t use any white sugar in my sauces and  a lot of the sauces have homemade kelp stock in them. Even one of my sauces (my personal favourite) is sugar free.  It was a quite challenge to keep all the authentic Japanese flavours but they are what I use for my cooking and my cooking is really tasty. Also, I studied health science at University in Japan and making thick sticky sugary completely un-Japanese flavours was not my thing.


I entered the Royal Hobart Fine Food awards in 2013 and…I got an GOLD medal for one of my sauces!!! Actually, it’s my most traditional flavoured sauce – “SAORI Tsuyu Sauce”. It got the top score in my sauce category – 98/100. My other sauces won silver and bronze. This really shows HEALTHY food can be TASTY.


SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce  → http://www.saorijapanesesauce.com.au/


This blog is my food diary in Australia. I want to share my knowledge of easy, healthy and delicious cooking. My English is not so good …so you will find a lot of mistakes…if my husband hasn’t fixed them…otherwise please forgive me for making mistakes!


Saori Sauce