“Cheese spring rolls”and “Stir-fry Tofu Bok Choy” recipes (vegetarian meals)

My family and I am are not vegetarians but we often eat meals without any meat. The other day, my husband and our son were making cheese spring rolls together so I decided to make a side dish – ” stir-fry tofu & bock choy” – to have with it .


Cheese spring rolls (cheese harumaki)

These cheese spring rolls are  delish – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They are quite easy to make but …timing is EVERYTHING! If you cook them too long, they will melt!  Also try using different kinds of cheese. This way you can enjoy a variety of flavours. My boys used 3 different kinds of cheese.

check – cheese spring rolls recipe from here


 Stir -fry tofu & bock choy (tofu chingensai itame)

Tofu is tasteless? NO WAY…well not if you know how to it cook properly. Stir-fry garlic and chilli in olive oil and flavour with SAORI Seaweed and Soya Japanese Sauce …it is Yummy !

Check stir-fry tofu & bock choy recipe from here.


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