Gyoza Pancakes -the best dumplings ever!

My family and I were having some digestion/stomach problems for a few weeks. I think we maybe just caught a mild winter cold. So…we tried a Gluten Free diet for the first time to help our digestion etc. (we were NOT to try losing weight though!)  .We did it for about a week.

Anyway…I realised the best thing of being “OFF Gluten” was…we basically had to eat even better food (than what we normallt eat). I had to make EVERYTHING from scratch! I normally bake bread and make homemade jam etc etc…however, being off gluten I couldn’t even have jam on toast. Instead, we ate homemade vegetable pancakes and rice omelets and so forth for breakfast. We ate a lot more vegetables for the breakfast than usual.

This was one of our breakfasts – rice omelets using left-over rice and chopped vegies flavoured with SAORI Ponzu Sauce.


When we got hungry, we couldn’t eat biscuits or cakes for a snack so I made homemade salsa dip and ate it with corn chips or had the salsa dip & cheese on rice crackers. Or we simply ate some fruit if we couldn’t be bothered cooking anything.

But…BEST OF ALL because of this diet, I created the best dumpling dish ever….

Gyoza Pankaces“…OMG!… they were amazingly easy to make and tasted THE BEST!!!


Check “Gyoza Pancake Recipe” from here

You can also make gyoza rolls with almost the same recipe – just roll them. I made these for our son’s lunch for school. He LOVED them!


My stomach feels better than ever so I am going to eat Ramen Noodles  for dinner tonight…as a treat!  I hope I won’t feel sick!

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